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RIO crown Youku, comic Union, creative subversion comedy comedy variety

ring rt! The world is being hit by a virus called unhappiness when house prices are soaring,
prices are soaring and wages are not rising! Super comedy heroes quickly form comedy League,
online world,
destroy negative energy,
guard your happiness! Just in May 15th! By the domestic cocktail cocktail leader,
RIO crown of Youku original network comedy comedy variety,
comedy alliance is about to debut! Happy people behind the scenes with original comedy funny,
cures not happy! I have fun,
and wine,
go with me? Comedy,
save sorrow,
give you sunshine! Rivers and lakes mixed good,
which can not trick? Comedy by the alliance has successfully create ace comedy variety happy comedy the core team,
in the tradition of strong Ig gene at the same time,
close to the hot network,
comprehensive coverage of 90 users living in a drawer,
comedy architecture section,
90 will not happy categorized,
comedy way one by one by one with the brain the hole wide open,
to eliminate the negative en