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[music] broke the employees are required to buy their own expense or donation LETV mobile phone

ring fessor as before to browse the web,
was a news surprised to have jumped out of the chair: mandatory LETV music as eco Marketing Center staff full use of music as a super mobile phone 2,
and must purchase the highest configuration version.
you dont want to use? All right.
In May 20th there was no buy,
give the company donation.
This is called donation: the general manager level of at least 2000 yuan,
1000 yuan level director,
director of the following 500 yuan.
Donate or buy a cell phone,
and you can do it yourself! LETV employees were to buy a mobile phone,
it is not the first time appeared as early as the end of October last year,
have LETV employees were asked to buy Le Max (32G) announcement of the outflow,
not only need to buy,
the short-term turnover also need to discount value (half price concessions,
if the loss of employees) requires full payment to buy.
The professor and his little friends were stunned! In recent years,
product sales from the past trade secrets gradually become