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Museum of travels, Germany

ring o write a museum about the German Museum of German,
but I was suffering from too many photos and too little material.
peer buddy is awesome,
a lot of photos of the hand,
with universal network photos,
and then write.
The museums Xins full name is Auto amp; Technik Musem Sinsheim Xin automobile and Technology Museum is located in Anaheim,
near the Heidelberg Pakistan Dengzhou street,
next to it is the Hoffenheims home court is the Bundesliga team.
The museum also has a sister museum called Technik Museum Speyer.
These two museums are private museums,
and they are large in scale and rich in collections.
They are just heaven for engineering dogs.
The symplectic Heim is divided into 11 themes,
machinery (for old mechanical music giant),
old cars,
military equipment (this is the part we care about),
American dream car (in fact,
exaggerated style American car),
agricultural machinery (tractor,
saw wood machinery and so on,
a lot of 100 years ago,
the mini car (