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Five minutes to convince Xu Xiaoping and the Hittites nano material used for electric vehicle upgrade scientists received tens of millions of investment

ring table + / New Media Editor / intern reporter Wang Yan Xiangde hit 8 years ago,
the white house.
Chen Xi from the then president of the United States Bush received the Presidential Award of young scientists trophy,
has become the only international scholars in the field of Chinese scholars winners.
8 years later,
Chen Xi sat in from Hangzhou to Shanghai high-speed reporter interviewed,
only this time,
the 40 year old Chen Xi in addition to a tenured professor at Columbia University,
another identity: Beijing Xi source innovation technology founder.
From scholars to entrepreneurs,
from the laboratory to the company,
Chen Xi wants to make their research results no longer just stay in academic papers,
but can be transformed into the production of life.
In 2015,
Chen Xi took his contrarian security technology established Xi source technology,
the new nano material application developed to electric cars and motor protection,
buffering and damping performance gain better with lower cost,
has been with