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2016indieACEGameJam five opens with registration

ring s a great emphasis on hands-on activities and have independent and a spirit of the game,
in 48 hours,
according to the published theme,
and temporary teams in various restrictive conditions of the final completion of a game of Demo,
active pursuit for the core game play of the new exploration and attempt and the whole process of high pressure traditional game development to give their limit within 48 hours of the challenge,
at the same time,
will also make more friends through activities.
As an important part of the 2016 indiePlay Chinese independent carnival games in the indieACE Game Jam will be held June 2016 24-26 in Beijing,
Chengdu and Xiamen 5 city started,
five in the same period of the 48 hour limit,
I believe this year burst out of the creative spark will be more intense! Welcome all the activities for game development are really enthusiastic people to participate in,
and hope that the registration of people can arrange their own time,
to ensure the participation a