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The most scientific and effective whole set of pre warming training, I sent you

ring e of warming up is to make the body reach the running temperature needed for exercise.
Football games usually have fast running and all kinds of fierce confrontation,
so more attention should be paid to warming up before exercise.
By warming up the muscles to prepare for the physical requirements of the movement,
not only can the body better play its proper state,
but also reduce the risk of sports injuries.
Running 1 leg exercises is no doubt the most effective way to reach the running temperature before training or racing.
In order not to affect the fun of sports,
you should try to avoid monotonous running methods,
and you can incorporate other exercises into the warm-up program.
To ensure that you can move freely while running,
the way you run can also be changed,
such as 8 glyph running,
running only on the inside or outside of the sole,
running backward,
full sole running or lateral running,
warm up the ball designated in the venue to put a number of football,
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