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The artist is the productive force ah, Zhou Hongyi dug, Li Xiang originally to make pepper a big fight!

ring  in the large number of artists into the Internet,
with value and emotional intelligence rolling our cock silk this trend,
Li Xiangye is one of the leading ah.
Some time ago,
Li Xiang became the 360 president of entertainment,
eight sister felt very cattle breaking ah,
people a shot is a listed company executives,
also said that the annual salary of millions,
stock lot.
This is no envy,
or hate.
Li Xiangs responsibility is specifically god horse? At that time,
360 official announced on micro-blog,
said Li Xiang is responsible for the integration of the overall entertainment resources,
360 entertainment content to build,
to support entertainment products,
360 companies accelerate the development of the business.
it sounds hollow.
eight sisters to translate,
in fact,
Li Xiang joined 360,
mainly through her years of entertainment in the network and experience,
do something 360 previously difficult to do.
to this extent,
Li Xiang is productivity,
or is it a big produc