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Real estate is a spent force which is the last bright fireworks

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free to subscribe to the journal Author: Liu Xiaobo today (May 14th) afternoon,
the National Bureau of Statistics announced in the first 4 months of investment in real estate development and sales,
very beautiful,
like a string of bright digital display.
But the setting sun is infinitely good,
just near dusk,
with the central banks monetary policy turn,
this situation will change in May.
In fact,
the data in April are already visible.
Lets take a look at digital fireworks from 1 to April.
2016 1-4 months,
the national real estate development investment 25376 yuan,
representing an increase of 7.
the growth rate increased by 1 percentage points over the 1-3 months.
As can be seen from the schematic below,
the rebound in investment growth has been very strong.
1-4 months,
real estate development company purchased land area of 51 million 140 thousand square meters,
down 6.
a decline of more than 1-3 months down 5.
2 percentage points; the la