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IPhone77Plus battery capacity, exposure, life extension 2030

ring design of iPhone 7 has recently been exposed,
and the streaming CAD 3D modeling video shows every detail of the new generation of iPhone.
If there were no accidents,
the final iPhone 7 would be like this (probably fine tuned).
It is reported that,
iPhone 7/7 Plus basic continuation of the iPhone 6s/6s Plus design style,
but the back of the antenna bar position moved to the top and bottom edge,
iPhone 7 single rear camera,
iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera.
Although the 3.
5mm interface is very fierce,
but there is no direct evidence.
According to foreign media reports micgadget,
iPhone 7/7 Plus another obvious change is that the promotion of life time.
News received from Foxconn insiders,
apple ordered a new battery for iPhone 7,
the capacity will increase.
the news,
Plus battery capacity is between 1750-1850mAh,
2850-3000mAh capacity between.
In contrast,
iPhone 6S is 1715mAh,
iPhone 6S,
Plus is 2750mAh.
In addition,
iOS 10 and the application of new components,
so that iPhone