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IPhone will never have this function

ring the best smartphone! No objection? But does iPhone have all of the smartphones intimate features? Thats not a good answer.
With respect to the difference between iPhone and general smartphones,
we can list a lot of them,
but there is one that Apple will never provide us with,
that is,
compatible with microSD cards.
Why dont Apple want to use the microSD card? MicroSD card is what we all very clear,
memory card,
a small to accommodate the quartet.
So why doesnt Apple want this small,
cheap microSD card on its mobile device? The reason for the decryption,
no matter what the system security restrictions,
in the final analysis,
or the problem of Apples pricing structure.
How can we better price the product and make the difference? The most direct is through the difference in the size of the internal storage to complete.
The new iPhone SE costs 288,
and if you need more storage space,
youll have to pay 800 yuan more.
Other models of iPhone are the same (other brand smart machines w