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Dry cargo featured 3 steps to teach you about an chat live a story

ring ing this article only takes 3 minutes to let you love the girl love you many friends will encounter such a situation in the chat: you want to tell a funny thing to listen to each other,
but she did not fully understand what you are saying,
dont feel funny.
The reason is very simple,
your statement incoherent chaotic,
In the long run,
your mood in conversation is difficult to be with her in the same frequency,
simply speaking,
she talked about her,
you talk about you,
say three or two words,
you want a shot.
how can you chat to each other firmly locked,
so that she is willing to keep talking to you a moment? Or,
how can you tell a good story in a conversation? We all had a movie experience.
in the projection room,
we sat there for one or two hours without moving,
concentrating intently on a piece of glowing white cloth,
but not tired at all In life,
the people around with five minutes to share with you an interesting thing,
but you feel dull? Is it because of the unique audio