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An action that almost fits the whole body

ring w very popular,
in fact,
Yang Yang do not have to drink four anti soup,
nor do you have to moxibustion Guan yuan,
as long as the key to find,
and often a simple action,
that is,
big effect.
Deficiency of kidney qi,
deficiency of kidney yang deficiency of people love to eat kidney medicine,
in fact,
often use this action,
you can grant the kidney qi,
Yang Qi to promote the gasification effect,
and the effect is obvious.
In the cold winter,
often use this action,
is Yang dafa.
The heel and human kidney,
bladder and brain are closely related.
What is this action,
that is,
the heel,
do not ignore it simply because of its simplicity.
To know that all truths are simple and direct.
The role of the top heel more than the above several,
it can almost fill the whole body,
the following focuses on the heel of the commonly used effect.
1 can stimulate the brain.
Now popular foot massage chart did not attach importance to the heel of holographic positioning,
but in the middle of the heel arranged a sle