chrome hearts
air max 97

10 morning the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ring ing from the users real experience TOP1 100.
Today I went to the hospital infusion,
see the nurse is very beautiful,
you wretched asked the nurse what arms wrapped around something,
the nurse heard that,
bang fan that man a slap in the face,
also said all walking routines.
Is routine.
-- -- -- -- -- TOP2 colleagues brokenhearted,
biting fingers with blood to write a letter,
then climb to the high bridge want to commit suicide,
firefighters after half an hour to persuade,
finally successfully persuaded him softhearted.
Sad to go to work,
where the fingerprint can not be punched,
fined him absenteeism,
and now climbed to Takahashi up.
-- -- -- -- -- you TOP3 this leg,
TM really invincible do you know what ah! Long legs good human kidney! I know,
but you TM a big girl home,
so good kidneys do?! -- -- -- the TOP4 seventeen eight year old pop tattoo,
the tattoo feel very smart,
so the tattoo on the back of a wolf.
Now a few years later,
my weight jumped from one hundred and ten to one h