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There is an awkward call friends circle, despise the bottom of the chain

ring e are people,
there is contempt chain.
Open the WeChat circle of friends,
generally have the following categories: deep warmth of love,
affection and love with the world and show the sun baby and filial piety flying bombing spree -- detest the world and its ways people laugh at me is not reliable,
I laugh without ring type world too seriously.
I indulge in self-admiration self clear,
never hurt your invoice ring? Still wandering in the circle of the underlying share way ticket? Also dislike the high force of the essence of the network to share it? The number of public life not only wealth and blind obedience,
as well as independent and conscious.
Pay attention to the way: long press two-dimensional code to identify the two-dimensional code in the figure.
Copy WeChat ID,
add friends,
find WeChat.
What do you want to know about the wind direction of the national policy? You press the lookout think tank zhczyj two-dimensional code recognition attention China first think tank the public,