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air max 97

The beauty and makeup of God Pony taught you how to draw a sexy red pomegranate makeup

ring r red eye makeup,
makeup lit summer surprise.
Farewell to the old little fresh,
we let Pony interpretation of a mysterious and feminine makeup.
If you are not careful with eye shadow,
then keep up with makeup fine dress steps! Red pomegranate makeup features,
why do we call this red pomegranate? Focus on red eye shadow,
through the halo dye way to create a seductive makeup.
A hierarchy of pomegranate red tipsy sense of beauty,
let us have a new look.
Step1 PONY: the first analytical makeup to create skin rendering,
light makeup effect.
Here we share a concealer small coup,
can put Concealer on the powder puff,
then gently press on the face,
the effect will be more natural concealer.
Step2: Eye Concealer,
to make up for a single,
black eye circles and dark corner of the eye,
and then use loose powder makeup.
Step3: eyebrow makeup first with eyebrow pencil out of shape,
and then use the powder filling.
Step4: according to the different hair color can choose mascara to adjust,
can use high light