chrome hearts
air max 97

Take LV endorsement, occupation fashion circle two dimension, this is to God!

ring ess up as a two dimensional MOE sister,
can only Cosplay? The answer must be No! T Taiwan everywhere on the two dimension of makeup,
and various games,
movie animation and fantasy are creative source of us,
we do not Cosplay,
but draw inspiration from,
so even in the three dimension of the real world,
also can switch at any time change for two dimensional girl! 1 long dress (Kenzo),
hoop (when the collar) (Chanel) mystery girl inspired Poli: three no girl (no mouth,
no expression,
no) Poli is also quite difficult to imitate.
We boldly with asymmetric eye makeup to suggest that she clone identity,
contact lens color red collocation two stars dotting the Pearl,
is that you cant guess what to think,
now boarded the EVA zero departure! The light colored eyes into liquid #9 (Giorgio with Armani) 340 yuan / # blue eye shadow eye amp; silver (Clinique) 210 yuan / 2 color leather jacket (Marc Jacobs) girl turned gorgeous inspiration: SAILOR MOON SAILOR MOON Mami is the princess of the kingdom of the