chrome hearts
air max 97

Remember, the universe strongest force God why

ring y looks good,
22 floor,
five beautiful are also very likable.
to take them to the sex and the city in the Manhattan Simei than it really is far worse.
Most importantly,
there is no Samantha.
What a chicken smell! Its the center of all the cosmic Samantha.
I need a dress for men to see in my pants.
Teach girls to be their own sexual tutors,
Samantha; dear,
youre lovely,
but Ill never * you.
The gender expert Samantha hearts always I love you,
press forward to the enemys capital; but I love myself more.
Life is a positive communicator.
As long as there is breath,
but I want to kneel down,
wear what,
who want to give in to who export.
In short,
See Ode to joy,
I miss her so much,
so I want to talk about it today.
No sex,
how sexy? Samanthas big sexy two words.
This comes from her confidence,
partly because shes always hungry,
and the hormones that make him smell out of Men 5 blocks away.
Theres a young,
sexy man who loves me,
and Im a