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Liu Qiangdong 24 years old sell dish, Liu Chuanzhi 40 years old, put a stall, Zong 42 years old tic three wheels delivery, you now have big brothers miserable?

ring  | Bureau (ID:zhyueju) Ma Yun: 30 years old when the hawkers,
raise translation agency - founded Haibo translation agency of the Ma Yun era many people have ideas,
never act.
But Ma Yun has an idea,
but it is immediate action.
At that time in 1992,
Ma Yun is a young teacher at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology,
28 years old,
4 years of work,
the monthly salary of less than 100 yuan.
Before quitting,
Ma began business in Hangzhou at the time,
many people need to be translated,
but the huge city of Hangzhou is not a translation agency,
as English teachers Ma to see the situation,
decided to use their advantages to teach English to launch a translation agency.
In 1994,
Hangzhous first officially registered in Industrial and Commercial Bureau translation company,
Haibo translation agency established.
At that time,
the business was difficult,
and the translation company had a turnover of more than 200 yuan a month,
but the rent would be 700 yuan.
The first year is really gone,
Ma Yun on