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World Championship Ding Junhui 1418 negative, Selby missed Fort Cruise

me on May 3rd morning,
2015/2016 snooker season continues at the crucible theatre,
in the final of the tournament Ding Junhui failed to continue the good condition,
in the face of the world first Selby opening 0-6 behind,
and eventually lost 14-18 missed the world championship.
Selby is 80 players,
the first to achieve twice the king at the crucible.
Ding Junhui is out of season this season,
scoring sixteen out of the world rankings after losing the Chinese open,
losing the identity of the seeded player.
World champion Ding Junhui scored three rounds of qualifying before the game,
then winning streak,
Williams and Macmanus,
the first career into the final.
Ding Junhui in the final,
the opponent is the world's first Selby,
the latter World Championships winning streak Milkins,