chrome hearts
air max 97

Screenwriter you rough to have the color, the rich intelligence quotient I unexpectedly is not the leading role

some guy,
the one who broke the sky.
Not only have Yan,
although it is IQ,
when I fight basically keep the armor,
you can't see my dashing handsome face,
but the armor really brought me a perfect figure.
I have a lot of armor,
and each set is handsome and threatening! Each set is a perfect combination of art and technology! Besides,
each one was designed and made by myself! Apart from being handsome,
I'm still a genius! When I was young,
when other boys were playing with mud and pulling girls' braids,
I invented them in the laboratory.
accidentally became a genius inventor.
Because the IQ is too high,
be coveted,
I have suffered the greatest disgrace of this life! A group of arrogant guy,
dare to kidnap me! I nearly broke my heart and wanted me to make missiles f