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My name is still no longer hair Yaodao pampas eagle and this is my story

and this is my story.
In 2000,
I was three time winner of the Europa League,
pampas eagle.
On 2002,
I formally entered the league,
then I am handsome in high and vigorous spirits.
In that year,
I led the Argentina team to his first defeat at the world championship dream team.
I feel the summit of my life.
I made a GDP combination with a French silly guy and the then boss.
The boss looks decent.
the biggest one on the right.
The boss was very kind to me and touched my head lovingly.
I didn't notice him glancing at my hair in secret,
with a longing in his eyes.
2003 that year,
he led us to win the NBA championship.
But every time after the game,
he has this down there: even if I sit on the bench is not me.
In the past few years,
my hair conditioner with