chrome hearts
air max 97

League of heroes diamond players enlisted, PK lost more than 40 radar professional top

n: Air Force Radar Brigade Combat Command even marker,
Lance Corporal rank,
won three of 1 times.
Photo by Guo Lichao in the morning,
Xuefeng also hidden in the blue cloud,
Air Force Radar Brigade command post,
the air was suddenly tense.
A group of data flashed out on the computer screen of the duty marker on duty.
This is the original radar information coming from several snow capped mountains over 5000 meters above sea level,
which means that flying objects have been swept up in the snow covered sky.
My computer or an airplane? Aircraft or aircraft? What is the task? What type is it? The 25 year old college student,
even the soldiers combat instruction marker on the front of the tax Zi Yuan,
dynamic display,
from time to time readiness glance at the wall panel and the civil aviation