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Home clothes satisfy your girlish dreams

day at work! I have only one idea for the postganglionic syndrome! Hurry home and lie down.
As a young girl,
lying still lies out of the girl's style.
We [wind] Home Furnishing girls wear brand by the blogger @JustFcc GelatoPique on my young girl heart,
I think no matter how old the girl can have (although the blogger is only 2 ha) maybe every girl more or less heart lives a small public act,
GP is owned by Snidel,
the concept of this brand is adult dessert.
It not only looks cute,
but not too hard,
also focus on comfort,
like sweet but not greasy dessert,
girls always rejected.
The price is not cheap,
do not discount the price to three hundred or four hundred single case,
a discount will be cheaper ~ (small expensive Zezheng after all good-looking) sexy rabbit - EBLIN EBLIN is South Kor