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Collect star warm heart Entertainment, sister take entertainment list, third place entertainment week list

list and Nandu entertainment joint build China Entertainment WeChat influence list today released on schedule forty-ninth,
the list of statistical cycles from April 25th to May 1st,
statistics as at 2 on 12 o'clock.
Crooked gossip won the entertainment list,
Meimei family relegated to second.
Entertainment sister catch up,
take the second runner up,
push the text William Chan write a love letter to fans,
Jay Chou help fans walk the dog,
Wei Chen help fans pinch shoulders,
star's warm heart,
capital want to marry! Gains 10w+.
The film and television music charts is still a poison tongue movie.
The independent fish movie won the runner up with QQ music.
Film headlines followed,
ranked third,
the crime of pushing the text,
Edison Chan comeback,
the director was king of th