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A big star, subway Su Yan hit, say good star light bad?

Cecilia Cheung makeup crowded subway are on the top,
looked really good Cecilia Cheung so down to earth side early on it,
holding his son sitting on the subway,
but no difference with the ordinary mother,
or makeup,
I smile to see more stars out with a halo like today,
eight hundred and eighteen of them with ordinary people like the subway base.
Does Wallace Huo look so cold? Is Tang Wei still the goddess? Yang Yang,
a shy face,
why still licking his lips a hello! The subway as revealed Gloria Tang's height of Feng Shuzuo good,
still smiling,
but alas the small Yue Yue people metrosexual man you know yourself like a bad uncle? It is said that this is Tony Leung,
Shuai Bian did not recognize (feeling quite like Liu Yene Chow) working out on the teenage,
consistent populist style