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This thing can make your fighting ability go up to the sky

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com is not good.
eat not sweet,
drink is not sweet,
especially sometimes affects a movement.
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2016indieACEGameJam five opens with registration

ring s a great emphasis on hands-on activities and have independent and a spirit of the game,
in 48 hours,
according to the published theme,
and temporary teams in various restrictive conditions of the final completion of a game of Demo,
active pursuit for the core game play of the new exploration and attempt and the whole process of high pressure traditional game development to give their limit within 48 hours of the challenge,
at the same time,
will also make more friends through activities.
As an important part of the 2016 indiePlay Chinese independent carnival games in the indieACE Game Jam will be held June 2016 24-26 in Beijing,
Chengdu and Xiamen 5 city started,
five in the same period of the 48 hour limit,
I believe this year burst out of the creative spark will be more intense! Welcome all the activities for game development are really enthusiastic people to participate in,
and hope that the registration of people can arrange their own time,
to ensure the participation a

RIO crown Youku, comic Union, creative subversion comedy comedy variety

ring rt! The world is being hit by a virus called unhappiness when house prices are soaring,
prices are soaring and wages are not rising! Super comedy heroes quickly form comedy League,
online world,
destroy negative energy,
guard your happiness! Just in May 15th! By the domestic cocktail cocktail leader,
RIO crown of Youku original network comedy comedy variety,
comedy alliance is about to debut! Happy people behind the scenes with original comedy funny,
cures not happy! I have fun,
and wine,
go with me? Comedy,
save sorrow,
give you sunshine! Rivers and lakes mixed good,
which can not trick? Comedy by the alliance has successfully create ace comedy variety happy comedy the core team,
in the tradition of strong Ig gene at the same time,
close to the hot network,
comprehensive coverage of 90 users living in a drawer,
comedy architecture section,
90 will not happy categorized,
comedy way one by one by one with the brain the hole wide open,
to eliminate the negative en

Five minutes to convince Xu Xiaoping and the Hittites nano material used for electric vehicle upgrade scientists received tens of millions of investment

ring table + / New Media Editor / intern reporter Wang Yan Xiangde hit 8 years ago,
the white house.
Chen Xi from the then president of the United States Bush received the Presidential Award of young scientists trophy,
has become the only international scholars in the field of Chinese scholars winners.
8 years later,
Chen Xi sat in from Hangzhou to Shanghai high-speed reporter interviewed,
only this time,
the 40 year old Chen Xi in addition to a tenured professor at Columbia University,
another identity: Beijing Xi source innovation technology founder.
From scholars to entrepreneurs,
from the laboratory to the company,
Chen Xi wants to make their research results no longer just stay in academic papers,
but can be transformed into the production of life.
In 2015,
Chen Xi took his contrarian security technology established Xi source technology,
the new nano material application developed to electric cars and motor protection,
buffering and damping performance gain better with lower cost,
has been with

Museum of travels, Germany

ring o write a museum about the German Museum of German,
but I was suffering from too many photos and too little material.
peer buddy is awesome,
a lot of photos of the hand,
with universal network photos,
and then write.
The museums Xins full name is Auto amp; Technik Musem Sinsheim Xin automobile and Technology Museum is located in Anaheim,
near the Heidelberg Pakistan Dengzhou street,
next to it is the Hoffenheims home court is the Bundesliga team.
The museum also has a sister museum called Technik Museum Speyer.
These two museums are private museums,
and they are large in scale and rich in collections.
They are just heaven for engineering dogs.
The symplectic Heim is divided into 11 themes,
machinery (for old mechanical music giant),
old cars,
military equipment (this is the part we care about),
American dream car (in fact,
exaggerated style American car),
agricultural machinery (tractor,
saw wood machinery and so on,
a lot of 100 years ago,
the mini car (

This video is poisonous. Be careful

ring ideo can not play,
clear WeChat cache,
and then enter the refresh] [material from the network,
if there is infringement,
please contact delete] Click to read the original,
see more funny video

[music] broke the employees are required to buy their own expense or donation LETV mobile phone

ring fessor as before to browse the web,
was a news surprised to have jumped out of the chair: mandatory LETV music as eco Marketing Center staff full use of music as a super mobile phone 2,
and must purchase the highest configuration version.
you dont want to use? All right.
In May 20th there was no buy,
give the company donation.
This is called donation: the general manager level of at least 2000 yuan,
1000 yuan level director,
director of the following 500 yuan.
Donate or buy a cell phone,
and you can do it yourself! LETV employees were to buy a mobile phone,
it is not the first time appeared as early as the end of October last year,
have LETV employees were asked to buy Le Max (32G) announcement of the outflow,
not only need to buy,
the short-term turnover also need to discount value (half price concessions,
if the loss of employees) requires full payment to buy.
The professor and his little friends were stunned! In recent years,
product sales from the past trade secrets gradually become